Our top reads and authors

Our top reads and authors

So as you may have realised by now, loveeeee a good self care routine…. So a part of that is a good book. Might be a little bit old school over here but still love reading a paperback, haven’t converted to the electronic book versions yet….. don’t come for me! Hehe


But it got me thinking, now that school holidays is upon us and beach days and a bit of downtime might be possible, notice how I said might there…. Here are some great book recs…


  1. If you love a crime/drama/suspense book definitely check out Martina Cole. These books are super twisting and really pull you into the characters. She really delves into some big life issues like dysfunctional families, low socioeconomic circumstances, marriages, gambling, drinking, crime…. These books are not light on topics but really pull you into the story making you want to finish it!
  2. Yes, we may in fact be on the Colleen Hoover bandwagon, if you haven’t checked these out, her books make for very light easy reading. You don’t have to think too much and they are great for just escaping.
  3. Parenting books - offfttt - a controversial topic that one. I’ll caveat this one with…. I don’t tend to read parenting books and don’t buy into too much with parenting stuff (hello massive mum guilt added, no thank youuuuu) BUT I adore Maggie Dent particularly her modern take on parenting our dear boys in this world. Well worth the read if you are raising sons.
  4. In the self help/lifestyle category, really vibing Victoria Devine and the She’s on the Money series. Great food for thought. Long a fan girl of Brene Brown, her books are beyond insightful and give you so much to think about and unpack for yourself. Two others in this space are The Happiest Man on Earth and Think Like a Monk - doooo it!
  5. Don’t mind a good biography too and geez I’ve read so many over the years but some stand outs are: Bronte’s Story, Jessica Simpson’s memoir, Becoming by Michelle Obama, A Promised Land (Barack Obama), Rosie Batty, Dawn Fraser…. I’m sure there are so many I’m missing here but these are just some that came quickly to mind.


Definitely reach out and let us know if you read any or have any other recs. Always up for a new good book!


Sending sunny vibes always,


Merryn xx

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