Self Care Eat Your Heart Out

Self Care Eat Your Heart Out

Does anyone feel like self care has been hijacked and it’s now this huge thing about journaling and manifesting and doing a workout and paying some ridiculous amount for a day spa/health retreat…… not that I actually have anything against these things but sometimes they can feel really out of reach for some people particularly financially or perhaps actually draining because it becomes another ‘should’ item on the long list of ‘should’s’….

Enter The Sandbar Life-Style Blog…. Here to be your bestie and provide some other reminder self care ideas….. we love a good home remedy for self care 💆🏼‍♀️……

  1. Pour yourself a glass of your favourite drink - wine, espresso martini, G&T, champers…. Drink it slowly and meaningfully.
  2. Sit and throw a podcast on and do some meaningless scrolling - yessss this can be self care too especially if planned out. It might be just the time you need to spend zoned out.
  3. Pick a playlist you don’t really know - like an acoustic one and take a long warm bath 🛁 and listen to the lyrics - add in Step 1 and ooffftt you are onto something there!
  4. Whip a nice treatment into your freshly washed hair and throw on a face mask and sit and marinate!
  5. Speaking of marinating….. home self tan?!? Anyone else feel instantly better with a tan on.
  6. Grab that iPad and lay in bed early with your fave trash TV and eat dinner from your bed. You will thank me later hehe
  7. A time old classic - read a damm book. I still don’t have any kind of kindle etc as I still love a good hard copy book and turning the pages. I donate mine to book swap kiosks when I’m done.
  8. Last one for now, pop an earphone on and have a FaceTime call with a girlfriend. It can sometimes replenish the cup more than you realise when everyone is too busy to get together.

Remember self care doesn’t need to be super costly, I have long had a lot of products at home that I use to help fill up my cup, it probably goes back to my days as a single mum where I couldn’t really leave the house in the evening and was also on a budget!

Let us know if you try any of these out, we would love to hear from you.

Sending sunny vibes always,


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