Top Uses for your Tote and Clutch

Top Uses for your Tote and Clutch

These were pieces created with versatility in mind along with practicality as well. We don’t want these pieces to be strictly limited to a one use/pop in the back of the wardrobe and forget items. We want this out as a regular everyday item that you can use so let’s get into it!



  1. Our number one use is as our nappy bag - we pop all the things in - change mat, food, bottles, formula, change of clothes, drink bottles, wipes - you name it it’s in there. Nappy bags become really heavy really quickly so the fact that we start off soooo light weight with nothing in it is awesome. Plus given you always end up with at least one spill in a nappy bag our easy to clean lining is a key bonus!
  2. Trusty go to bag for a day at the beach, towels, bucket and spades, hats, food - it can all fit particularly with the generous sizing we offer of 40cm x 52cms makes it a dream for ALLLL the things. Plus when it fills up with sand simply pull our lining out to give it a good shake off or wipe down.
  3. Picnic bag - the picnic rug, foods, drink bottles, knives and forks…. Maybe a sneaky champers…. Again it can be easily wiped out for any spills and we can bet you show up to a picnic with our and you will be sure to get complimentary comments.
  4. Kids sports - swimming lessons come to mind, soccer games where mum again ends up with all the sh*t!
  5. Travel - have you ever wanted a chic tote to throw your laptop, wrap for a cold plan, tablet, drink bottle, chargers etc into all one place and use it as carry on. You could even fit your spare clothes for your stop overs if you are headed long haul. Alternatively, if you want to take it with you it packs down so easily and folds up flat to pop in your suitcase.


Are there any other uses you can think of?



  1. Baby items - food pouches, spoons, medications, biscuits etc.
  2. Keys, phone, small wallet, air pods, pen (as we all know digging for one in your bag is supppperrrrr painful).
  3. Makeup bag - this is perfect for this as if you get any foundation, powders, blushes etc on the lining just give it a wipe out as our lining is made from the same material as the lining of our tote.
  4. Keep those cables in one place - laptop chargers, iPad chargers, phone chargers, headphone chargers - wow what a tech world haha
  5. Wet swimmers - no one hates a set of wet swimmers making everything else in back damp. Pop them into your clutch and it will keep all your other items dry until you get home.


Obviously this list is not exhaustive and there are probably so many other ideas but as you can see - one bag, one-three clutches and you have sooooo many uses!


As always, sending sunny vibes!!


Merryn xx

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