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The Sandbar Collection

Sandbar Salty Scrub

Sandbar Salty Scrub

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This one is both safe for our adults and kiddies. Use our Sandbar Salty Scrub before you use our face mask to exfoliate all the dead skin cells and dirt away.

Having spent many years battling acne even as an adult, getting a professional facial was like navigating a landmine. Let’s massage all my face with all sorts of products I don’t know and boom, breakouts came. It was counter productive! So for many years I have been doing my own homemade self-care spa treatments.

After lots of research and trying it out myself,  I’ve perfected the ultimate natural scrub for you.  Made from a blend of all natural and raw ingredients it will be your new weekly best friend.

Raw Honey (not shop bought heated honey) - honey is hydrating, it helps reduce inflammation and redness on the skin, helps reduce acne scarring and dullness.

Himalayan pink salt - it exfoliates the dead skin cells away while plumping the skin and it will absorb the dirt and toxins.

Coconut milk powder - full of antioxidants, deeply nourishing and packed full of nutrients like potassium, folate, vitamins C, E and B. So it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and hydrated.

Pineapple fragrance - because well who doesn’t want to smell like coconut summer in a cup.
**If you are someone who is a bit sensitive to fragrance, please let us know and we can make you one without fragrance or use a pure essential oil instead!

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